Fireplace Screens

Fireplace Screens

The fireplace screen that you choose is going to enhance the appeal of the fireplace in your home so it’s important to choose the right style of the fireplace screen. If your fireplace isn’t operational, then you can choose a more decorative screen that will go with the look of the room.  If the fireplace does work, then you need to choose a fireplace screen that will function well and protect your home as well as look great. It’s also important to choose the right size fireplace screen that is designed to fit the width of your fireplace and protect the hearth area.

Fortunately, when it comes to choosing a fireplace screen you have plenty of options to choose from ranging from timeless and elegant to ultra-modern and vintage style fireplace screens that will enhance the charm and nostalgic beauty of your home. The most common types of fireplace screens are:

Vintage fireplace screens are the perfect marriage of modern safety materials and vintage beauty to make your vintage home look fantastic and period appropriate.

Single panel fireplace screens are the simplest type of fireplace screen. They always have easy to use handles and just simple feet so you can move them easily to add wood to the fire and they fit with the fireplace.

Unlike single panel fireplace screens that need to be moved in order to add wood fireplace screens with doors stay put and homeowners just open the doors to add wood or tend to the fire. Fireplace screens with doors have a very elegant look and are liked by homeowners because they are easy to use and safe.  They also have a very timeless look that looks great in any type of home and with any type of home décor so they can be used in any room where there is a fireplace.

Bowed fireplace screens have a really nice modern look to them and look fantastic in midcentury modern homes that have fireplaces. They do need to be moved out of the way in order to put wood on the fire or tend to the fire so people who have trouble lifting heavy objects should avoid this type of fireplace screen and choose a fixed screen instead.

Fireplace screens enhance the appeal of a fireplace and it’s designed to protect the hearth area. However, many homeowners skip out on important fireplace maintenance chores that can improve the efficiency and safety of any fireplace The most important function of a fireplace is a clean chimney, and it starts with an inspection and sweep. 

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